”Made for us”, Talenom Oy, Alberga Business Park

Talenom wants to stand out from the rest by being a different accounting firm according to its slogan. Its premises were selected to cover the needs of the company's operations.

In May 2013, Talenom decided to expand its operations to Espoo in order to grow its service network in the Helsinki region. The company quickly selected Leppävaara, a new, growing and attractive centre in Espoo, as its location.

"At Alberga Business Park, we found premises perfect for mobile working. Alberga's strengths include its ideal location, excellent visibility and good transport connections," says Area Office Manager Timo Hintsala.

Close to the customer

In terms of its spatial solutions, Alberga Business Park responded to the company's needs and wishes. "We received new functional and suitable office solutions of a suitable size according to our preferences," Hintsala says in summary.

"We were also able to have an influence on the location of offices, partitioning walls and the conference room. The floor material was also changed and wall colours were selected according to our brand."

Talenom, operating in more than ten municipalities, wants to be close to its customers because being local truly matters. According to Hintsala, the Espoo premises are visited by a number of customers, in which case accessibility and visual impact support the company's image.

"Naturally, having the correct premises has an impact on coping at work and, therefore, on employee satisfaction and productivity."

In a new way

Talenom, moved into Alberga in October 2013, is happy with the Business Park's lobby and restaurant services. It is easy to grab a cup of coffee downstairs or to book more conference rooms.

"We want to do traditional things in a new way, and be the most understandable accounting firm in Finland. We do what we promise, and focus on customer service and electronic and specialist services," Hintsala says.

"Working with NCC was effortless. According to our experience, professionals were always available when needed and there never were any problems. Our wishes came true."