Press Releases

NCC to remodel express road by Jönköping

NCC has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to remodel Route 26/47 between Månseryd and Mullsjö, northeast of Jönköping, into a 2+1 express road with median barrier. The project is being carried out to improve safety and accessibility on the road. The order is worth SEK 349 million.

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NCC to develop and build four apartment buildings in Turku, Finland

NCC will develop and build four apartment buildings with approximately 200 apartments and a parking garage in Turku. The customer is Fincap Fund 1 Ky which is a part of  Fincap Kiinteistörahastot Oy. The project sale amounts to million 260 SEK.

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NCC to construct Novozymes Innovation Campus

NCC has been commissioned by the biotech company Novozymes to construct a modern campus – a center for biotechnology research and business development – north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The order is worth SEK approximately 865 million.

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NCC sets new digitalization record

No other company has deployed Bluebeam’s paperless technology so rapidly. That’s why the US company visited NCC’s head office in Solna yesterday to see how they did it.

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School starts for foreign-born engineers

17 foreign-born graduate and university-trained engineers are ready to start school – again. They will be improving their knowledge in areas including culture, social norms in the workplace, safety and the work environment. NCC Nystart is a job market training program developed in cooperation with Kunskapsskolan and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

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NCC secures electricity link with Denmark

NCC has been commissioned by Svenska Kraftnät to renew part of the Konti-Skan electricity link that comprises an important link for the supply of electricity in both Sweden and Denmark. The cable is expected to start electricity transmission in September 2016.

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