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NCC signs agreement with BillerudKorsnäs

NCC has signed a partnering agreement with BillerudKorsnäs regarding the expansion of production facilities for the Next Generation project at Gruvön Mill in the Municipality of Grums, Sweden.

NCC selected for new swim center in Linköping

NCC has been commissioned, in partnership with the municipal property company Lejonfastigheter AB, to plan and design a new swim center by the Folkungavallen soccer stadium in Linköping. In the initial phase, the parties will jointly plan, budget and design the new swim center with the aim of reaching an agreement on the construction assignment.  The total order value is expected to amount to approximately SEK 500 million.

NCC to construct residential block in Tyresö for SEK 420 million

In partnership with Tyresö Bostäder AB, NCC will construct 206 rental apartments close to the Tyresö Centrum shopping center. The project also comprises a parking garage and 1,000 square meters of office space. The order is worth SEK 420 million and will be registered in the fourth quarter.

NCC finalist of Circular Economy at World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum has chosen NCC’s platform for smarter handling of secondary materials, Loop Rocks, as a finalist of Digital Disruptor of the year within Circular Economy.

NCC to build 187 sustainable housing units

NCC and TDC Pensionskasse pension fund have signed an agreement to construct housing units, a parking facility and a green area in Teglholmen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The order is worth SEK 380 million.

NCC wins billion-krona contract in Faroe Islands

Today, NCC has signed a contract to construct two road tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The contract is split into two sub-projects and is conditional upon approval of project funding by the government of the Faroe Islands. The value of the first tunnel amounts to approximately SEK 1.5 billion. The value of the second tunnel is approximately SEK 1.2 billion, with an option for the customer to decide not to implement the project.

Conversion of shares in NCC AB

In accordance with NCC’s Articles of Association, owners of Series A shares are entitled to request that their shares be converted to Series B shares. As a result of such conversion, the total number of voting rights in the company is reduced. In connection with conversion, the company is obligated, pursuant to the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act (1991:980), to disclose details of the change in this manner.

Interim report January 1 – September 30, 2016

Lower earnings but favorable orders received by NCC in the third quarter

NCC to construct new Faculty of Arts at University of Gothenburg

NCC has been commissioned by Akademiska Hus to construct the new Faculty of Arts at the University of Gothenburg. The order is worth SEK 484 million.

NCC to construct sports arena in Oslo

The City of Oslo’s Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities will commission NCC to build the Nye Jordal Amfi sports arena in Oslo, Norway. The order is worth SEK 445 million.

Harri Savolainen appointed Head of Operational Support for NCC Group and joins the NCC ExecutiveManagement Team

Harri Savolainen is appointed Head of Operational Support for the NCC Group. Operational Support is a new function which will include IT and Management Systems, R&D and Purchasing. The aim with the function is to focus and put together areas which are important to support the line operations, especial in digitalization.

NCC to remodel express road by Jönköping

NCC has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration to remodel Route 26/47 between Månseryd and Mullsjö, northeast of Jönköping, into a 2+1 express road with median barrier. The project is being carried out to improve safety and accessibility on the road. The order is worth SEK 349 million.

NCC to develop and build four apartment buildings in Turku, Finland

NCC will develop and build four apartment buildings with approximately 200 apartments and a parking garage in Turku. The customer is Fincap Fund 1 Ky which is a part of  Fincap Kiinteistörahastot Oy. The project sale amounts to million 260 SEK.

NCC to construct Novozymes Innovation Campus

NCC has been commissioned by the biotech company Novozymes to construct a modern campus – a center for biotechnology research and business development – north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The order is worth SEK approximately 865 million.

Impairment losses for projects in Norway

The management teams of the new business areas NCC Building and NCC Infrastructure have analyzed NCC’s Norwegian construction and civil engineering operations, which has resulted in the recognition of impairment losses totaling SEK 290 million in the third quarter. NCC’s operating profit for the third quarter is estimated at SEK 503 million (720) for the Group, net sales at SEK 13.6 billion (13.3) and orders received at SEK 12.6 billion (10.1).

Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Anna Trane

Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group