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NCC to construct Landborgen link in Helsingborg

In partnership with the City of Helsingborg, NCC is to construct the Landborgen link, a six-story underground car and bicycle garage as well as pedestrian and bicycle ways, which will join the city districts above the approximately 20-meter-high Landborgen cliff with the city center. The total order value is an estimated SEK 350 million. Press release

NCC to build swimming complex in Varberg

In cooperation with Varbergs Fastighets AB, NCC will design and build a new swimming complex in Varberg, Sweden. The assignment will be carried out as a partnering arrangement and comprise two phases. The total order value is expected to amount to approximately SEK 350 million. Press release

NCC to build wind farm in Piteå

NCC has been commissioned to conduct extensive infrastructure work for the Markbygden ETT wind farm in Piteå. The contract value is approximately SEK 800 million. Press release

Acting General Counsel appointed

NCC has appointed Ann-Marie Hedbeck as new acting Legal Counsel, member of the Executive Management Team and Secretary of the Board. Ann-Marie Hedbeck replaces NCC’s current General Counsel Håkan Broman, who has assumed the position of acting President and CEO of NCC since October 30. Press release

NCC’s Loop Rocks start-up entering Finland

Loop Rocks, NCC’s online marketplace where users can match supply and demand for soil and rock between construction sites, is now entering Finland. Loop Rocks open platform and app already have more than 7.000 users in Sweden and Denmark. Press release

Leadership change at NCC

The Board of Directors of NCC has decided to replace the Group’s CEO in order to increase focus on the construction and civil engineering operations. Recruitment of a new CEO will commence immediately. Håkan Broman, who has served as General Counsel at NCC for many years, will assume the position of acting CEO as of October 30 until such time as a new CEO is in place. Press release

Interim report   January 1 – September 30, 2017

Lower sales and earnings for NCC in the third quarter Press release

NCC to build superstructure over treatment plant in Helsingborg

NCC has been commissioned by Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp (NSVA) to construct a superstructure over the treatment plant in central Helsingborg, as well as to build an extension. The work is being carried out to enable an urban regeneration project adjacent to the treatment plant. The order value is expected to amount to approximately SEK 275 million. Press release

Conversion of shares in NCC AB

In accordance with NCC’s Articles of Association, owners of Series A shares are entitled to request that their shares be converted to Series B shares. As a result of such conversion, the total number of voting rights in the company is reduced. In connection with conversion, the company is obligated, pursuant to the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act (1991:980), to disclose details of the change in this manner. Press release

NCC to refurbish and expand the Falkoner Center

NCC is to refurbish and expand the Falkoner Center in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It involves a turnkey contract and the order is worth just over SEK 640 million. Press release

Impairment of Norwegian infrastructure project and lower sales in NCC Building’s Danish and Finnish operations in third quarter of 2017

NCC is impairing an infrastructure project in Norway and lower year-on-year sales in the Danish and Finnish construction operations are impacting profit in the NCC Building business area. NCC’s operating profit is expected to amount to approximately SEK 400 million (503) for the third quarter. Press release

Increased focus on safety at NCC helps to reduce accidents

An increased focus on safety at NCC has helped to reduce the number of worksite accidents. The number of worksite accidents has been halved in the past six years. Today, the importance of safety will be discussed during Awareness Day at all NCC worksites.   Press release

NCC acquires operations of Nordisk Fundamentering in Norway

NCC has entered into an agreement to acquire operations of the Peab-owned company Nordisk Fundamentering. Following the takeover NCC will be among the leading players in the foundation market in Norway. Press release

NCC to build car showroom for Castellum

NCC has initiated a partnering arrangement with Castellum to build a car showroom of slightly more than 25,000 square meters in Huddinge, south of Stockholm. The project is a turnkey contract and the order value is approximately SEK 278 million.  Press release

Interim report January–June 2017

NCC’s operating profit was somewhat lower in the second quarter compared with the year-earlier period Press release

Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Anna Trane

Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group