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NCC to renovate an office into a hotel at the main railway station in Helsinki, Finland

NCC has been selected to renovate an office into a hotel at the main railway station in Helsinki, Finland. The value of the project is about SEK 740 million and the customer is the real estate investment company Exilion.

NCC to rebuild dangerous road for nearly SEK 0.5 billion

NCC has signed a comprehensive agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration to build a new road along European route E14 outside Sundsvall, Sweden. The assignment includes a new four-lane express road, crossings and bridges and the reconstruction of the current route. The order value amounts to SEK 455 million.

Customers in the construction sector name NCC as Industry Leader in sustainability

Customers in the construction sector have named NCC as Industry Leader 2018 for sustainability in the Nordic region’s largest sustainability study, Sustainable Brand Index B2B.

SBVT and NCC expand water and sewage infrastructure in Skåne and Blekinge

NCC has signed a framework agreement with Skåne Blekinge Vattentjänst for new, rebuilt and extended water and sewage infrastructure in the municipalities of Östra Göinge, Osby, Olofström and Bromölla. The assignment will take place through a strategic partnership with an order value estimated at between SEK 300 million and SEK 500 million.

The transition to renewable fuel helped lower NCC’s carbon emissions 35 percent

NCC has reduced its carbon emissions by 35 percent in two and a half years. This is largely due to switching the majority of its Swedish asphalt plants to renewable fuels.

Interim report January 1 - September 30, 2018

Comprehensive analysis impacted earnings

NCC signs framework agreement to build school in Staffanstorp

NCC and Staffanstorps Kommunfastigheter AB have signed a strategic partnering agreement for new construction and conversion of the company’s properties. The framework agreement, with an estimated order value of between SEK 400 and 700 million, will run for two years with an option for a two-year extension. An initial project in the framework agreement is a new school for some 550 students and an associated sports facility.

Invitation to Media and Capital Market Meeting with NCC

NCC presents new path forward and preliminary Q3 earnings charged with provisions and revaluations

Following a comprehensive analysis of NCC, the company is presenting a number of measures to improve profitability. The quarter was charged with provisions for claims and warranties, revaluation of development properties and impairment losses totaling SEK 1,565 M. Operating profit for the third quarter is estimated to amount to approximately negative SEK 1,108 M.

Information concerning revaluation in NCC and preliminary result for Q3

NCC wins order of SEK 275 million in Oslo from Bane NOR

NCC has been commissioned by Bane NOR in Norway to carry out concreting works on the Loenga-Ekebergåsen line, a part of the expansion of the Follo Line between Oslo and Ski — Norway’s largest infrastructure project of the modern era. The order value is approximately SEK 275 million.

NCC to sell office project in Helsinki

NCC is selling its Fredriksberg office project in Helsinki for approximately SEK 460 million to Swiss Life Asset Managers.

Susanne Lithander taking office as CFO of NCC on November 12

Susanne Lithander will take office as CFO of NCC on November 12 and join NCC’s Executive Management Team. She comes from BillerudKorsnäs, where she worked as CFO for seven years.

NCC purchases strategic property in Bromma and invests SEK 2.5 billion in development project

NCC is purchasing a property from ICA Fastigheter with approximately 50,000 square meters of development rights for offices, retail and a hotel. NCC has also signed 15-year leases for approximately 20,000 square meters.

NCC splits business area NCC Building

NCC will split its largest business area, NCC Building, into Building Sweden, led by Henrik Landelius, and Building Nordics, led by Klaus Kaae. The aim is to provide each unit with better conditions to achieve profitable growth.

Anna Trane, Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Anna Trane

Head of Corporate Media Relations & Press, NCC Group