NCC Innovation Challenge #1 – Office Parking

Are you an everyday problem solver?

NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in Northern Europe. Our vision is to renew our industry and to provide superior sustainable solutions.

Together with THINGS®, NCC is now looking for new business models, technologies and solutions to create new values for our customers within property development — e.g. how to develop customer oriented values for our tenants.


Our big cities are struggling with increasing traffic problems, which pollute the environment and consume time as well as frustrate people travelling by car. It is important to limit car usage and focus on good solutions for pedestrians and cyclists.

Zoning plan regulations for parking places becoming increasingly restrictive. The parking garages in our office buildings need to be effective and efficiently utilized. Parking is expensive for office tenants as well as for the investor (owner), the construction of a garage is always associated with substantial costs.


The scope of the challenge is parking in office building garages. The problem that needs to be solved is adding predictability and visibility to thereby maximize parking space utilization throughout the working day and reduce frustration. More cars are allowed into the garage than there are available parking places. At the same time, if you choose to drive to work, parking your car at work should simple and convenient as well as safe and secure.

What are we looking for?

We don't want to limit your imagination too much, but we will keep the following questions in mind when choosing our partners for the challenge:

  • Does the solution support sustainability?
  • Will the users love it?
  • Is the commercial concept credible? 
  • Is the technical solution easy to deploy and maintain? 
  • Is this an innovative or unusual approach? 


  • The challenge does not include design optimization of the maximum number of parking places in a garage
  • There are no parking places for visitors to the office building in the garage
  • Solutions need to have an open interface in order to be able to connect to other smart office solutions

Rewards and Challenge timeline

NCC is prepared to nominate 4-6 teams for this challenge. The winning team will be awarded with max SEK 200,000 and the other participating teams will each receive an award of SEK 20,000.

Important dates to keep in mind for the teams joining the challenge:

  • Challenge kickoff at NCC HQ in Solna, Sweden on December 12.
  • Live presentation and mingle at NCC HQ in Solna mid January 2018.

The jury

Pirita Vainio, Head of Digital and Innovation NCC, Linda Krondahl, CEO THINGS® and Martin Sandén, Head of Operational Development, Sustainability and R&D, NCC Property Development Nordic. Robert Bolmgren, Head of Sales, NCC Property Development Nordic and Manne Aronsson, Country manager NCC Property Development Norway.

Martin Sandén

Head of Operational Development , Sustainability and R&D, NCC Property Development