We Land – an Office Building Open to Everyone in Ruoholahti

We Land enhances working conditions and ensures success in every way. This house is created for high service culture and open-house thinking to support collaboration.

  • A modern office building with great connectivity in the middle of Ruoholahti
  • A house full of life, happenings and encounters
  • Hospitality as in a hotel with high service culture
  • As green as possible, BREEAM Outstanding

We Land makes Ruoholahti one of Helsinki’s most attractive headquarters areas transforming it into a living and breathing environment where an inspiring working and residential culture is present 24/7. We Land is developed to meet the demands of the Ruoholahti residents, including those working in the area and passing it by every day.

Perfect for headquarters

We Land is located next to the rapidly growing Jätkäsaari area and the city’s international Länsisatama western harbour. Ruoholahti is a workplace area for 19,000 people. To date, already 20% of Helsinki’s head offices are located here. Ruoholahti is the perfect location for companies that want to be in the middle of a growing urban environment while having an easy access to culture and technology.

Supporting the job to be done

One of the key factors of high job satisfaction and efficiency is smooth working without any unintentional interruptions, since different work requires different spaces. A company’s life cycle can quickly alter the space demands one way or another. Therefore, the conventional lease model requires updating. The We Land Membership Model matches the companies’ space demands to their life cycle situation ensuring that the services support the job to be done.

Meet and eat in Open Land

The Open Land on the ground floor comprises an open lobby, the Event Land made especially for events and happenings, and a wide choice of restaurants and cafés open to everyone.

Work and meet in Co Land

Co Land on the first floor above the ground floor (the second floor as per the Finnish floor division) has two functions: it consists of a co-working area and a conference centre. Both sections are in the shared use of the entire house and the neighbouring area as per the Membership Model.

Work in Office Land

We Land’s spaces on floors 3-13 are flexible, energy efficient, capacious and full of light. The office size can even reach 2,400 square metres of floor area which is suitable for bigger companies or divisible into smaller spaces.

Hospitality as in a hotel

Hospitality depends on people and services. The Concierge fulfils even the strictest demands, and the everyday luxury good service can bring both to the lobby and the workplace atmosphere also increases the spaces’ recognition among the residents of the area. We Land is developed based on high service promise.

Open house

The spaces at We Land are designed not only for the demands of the tenants on the property, but also considering the wishes of the other workers and residents in the area. The spaces will remain in use during the evenings and weekends. We Land takes your culinary enjoyment to a whole new level with its four different lunch and evening restaurants plus the fabulous panoramic restaurant on the 14th floor.

As green as possible

The value set in the We Land Community includes all matters common to us in which we trust and which we want to follow across company borders. Everyone is given the opportunity to promote sustainability in their daily choices and to encourage others to do the same. All parking spaces and part of the bike spaces are equipped with charging points. We Land is implemented at the highest possible level of Outstanding as per the BREEAM rating.

Uku Jaatinen
Uku Jaatinen

Sales Manager, NCC Property Development

Heikki Alén
Heikki Alén

Senior Developer, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Helsinki
  • Project type: Office, Retail
  • Project status: Under development
  • Office space: 300–18000 m²
  • Retail space: 78–434 m²
  • Construction start: 2020
  • Move in date: 2022
  • Certificates: Aiming for BREEAM Outstanding
  • Architect name: JKMM Architects