From 2009 and onward, all commercial premises developed by NCC in Sweden, Norway and Finland have been environmentally certified under the BREEAM system.

BREEAM,, is the most widely recognized environmental certification system in Europe, and acts as a tool for measuring and rating a building’s total environmental impact.

More than 425,000 buildings worldwide have already been certified under the system and two million buildings are registered to undergo certification.

Thirty properties with BREEAM certification

When BREEAM was developed in the UK at the start of the 1990s, its focus was on European conditions, which is often held up as one of the system’s most important advantages.

BREEAM is also an excellent tool for coordinating environmental and climate issues during the course of a project.

The Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) has developed a Swedish version of BREEAM together with NCC and other actors.

“We want to lead the construction and property industry in terms of environmental responsibility. The environmental tools that we currently use measure different components of a building’s environmental impact. BREEAM makes it possible to adopt an overall approach on environmental impact”

- Carola Lavén, Head of Property Development