”Premises as requested”, Carestream Health Finland Oy, Plaza Business Park

Carestream Health Finland Oy was looking for business premises that correspond to its growth strategy and are flexible as needed. Tuike at Plaza Business Park was the answer.

Sales Manager Pekka Hännikäinen is more than satisfied. The new premises offer everything the company needs: a soundproof conference room, a quiet office, modular open-plan offices, a separate server room and an installation room – furnished with Business Park services.

We had a need for new premises because our old ones no longer responded to the needs of a developing business. Here, everything is in its right place, Hännikäinen says.

Optimal location

Carestream Health Inc. is specialised in the manufacture, development and marketing of imaging equipment and data system software for healthcare. The company has grown into a significant global brand. It has offices in more than 150 countries around the world.

"At our premises, we pre-install and test software, and remotely monitor systems we have already delivered. In this way, we can improve the efficiency of our operations and increase customer satisfaction," Hännikäinen says, referring to the impressive stack of servers and computers.

The company also needs space for Finnish partners and foreign visitors. The location next door to the airport and alongside excellent transport connections is optimal. "I couldn't think of being anywhere else, Hännikäinen says.

On a familiar road

The company moved to Äyritie in Vantaa in October 2013 – back to its roots. Carestream Health Finland was situated along the same road some twenty years ago, when it was part of the Kodak Group. Later, the company operated in various parts of the Helsinki region but, last year, its premises had reached the end of the road.

"We took a look at a few options because a surprising number of premises were available. Some 4–5 locations were under serious scrutiny, but Plaza Business Park rather quickly stood out from the rest," Hännikäinen says.

After the head office in United States gave the green light, it was settled. Everything went smoothly, and the premises were shaped according to the company's needs. In particular, Hännikäinen appreciates the functionality, flexibility and quietness of the premises, together with the services available.

"When all of these aspects are in order, we can focus on what is essential, can do more and enjoy ourselves better."