NCC Recycling - Sustainable recycling of construction and civil engineering materials

We are now taking another step toward our vision “To renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions.” The idea behind NCC Recycling is to solve our customers’ waste management issues in a practical and sustainable manner.

The ambition of NCC Recycling is also to take on more responsibility for the waste generated by our industry. The aim is to close our own eco-cycle. At our facilities, we receive, manage and process all construction civil engineering and demolition waste generated by a construction site. We then recycle and reuse the waste or sell it as new, recycled materials.

Sounds good, doesn't it? By recycling we can save the world's energy and reduce our dependence on valuable natural resources.

Welcome to NCC

We hope that you will enjoy working together with us, our services and materials. Besides contributing to a more sustainable society by recycling waste, we make life easier for you. That's because NCC Recycling is not just any recycling company. We are a solution created by the construction industry – for the construction industry. Naturally, we hold all the necessary permits and we conduct detailed inspections at our facilities.

Why NCC Recycling?

We give new life to your waste – Recycling and reusing is common sense, both financially and in terms of the environment. And both if you need to dispose of waste or need materials.

Smart if you're buying natural materials – We must use the supply of natural materials as wisely as possible to ensure raw materials for future generations. Gravel quarry materials, for example, are becoming scarce since it is difficult to find areas with new materials. The prices of raw materials are rising and thus recycled materials are becoming profitable – both financially and environmentally.

Smart if you need to dispose of waste – Strict demands are placed on know-how of and handling the recycling different types of waste. No matter whether you are a private or public organization, you can always rest assured when you deliver your waste to NCC Recycling. We make sure that materials are recycled and reused for the best of society.