NCC Building

NCC Building constructs sustainable housing and offices for both public and private customers.

NCC Building primarily constructs housing and offices, but also builds public premises, such as schools, hospitals and sport halls, and commercial premises, such as retail stores and storage facilities.

An increasingly important market is refurbishment of residential buildings and offices. Buildings from the 1960s and 70s are in great need of renovation and NCC has the ambition to be a major player in this market.

With a high level of competence within sustainability, digitalization and collaborative customer cooperation methods NCC Building develop the projects together with customers in an early stage.

NCC Building is NCC's largest business area with a 45 percent share of the NCC Group turnover. The Building business is conducted throughout the Nordics, although the most important market is Sweden, where NCC Building has a very strong position.

Building Projects

Bertta – sustainable new houses in older areas

Bertta is a concept that helps municipalities to engage in the renovation of older housing areas. Bertta is a compact multi-family dwelling that can be built on, for example, a car park or in a backyard. The population of an area can thus be densified in an attractive manner. The mix of new builds and upgraded older buildings leads to variety in the area and among the residents. The suburb becomes more stable and socially sustainable.


Klause Kaae, Executive Vice President and Head of NCC Building. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Klaus Kaae

Head of NCC Building

Ulf Thorné, Communication Manager NCC Building. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Ulf Thorné

Communication Manager, NCC Building