The Port of Gothenburg – Sweden’s best logistics location

Sweden’s best logistics location is at the Port of Gothenburg. Just ten minutes from central Gothenburg, we are building warehouses that will optimize your workflow. This is a convenient location for transporting goods.

By choosing the Port of Gothenburg, you are also choosing Sweden’s best logistics location. You can transport goods by road, sea or rail, while being within ten minutes of central Gothenburg.

  • Warehouse with or without offices: 4,000–30,000 square meters
  • Sweden’s best logistics location in the Nordic region’s largest port
  • Access to 70 percent of the Nordic region’s population within a radius of 500 kilometers
  • Road, sea and rail transport
  • 10 minutes to central Gothenburg  

Warehouses in Sweden’s most attractive logistics location

The Port of Gothenburg is the Nordic region’s largest port and is the only port in Sweden to host the world’s largest container vessels. A total of 25 percent of Sweden’s foreign trade passes through the port.

A full 70 percent of the Nordic region’s industries and population is located within a distance of 500 kilometers, while major expressways (the E6 and E20) and rail lines are in the vicinity. Further investments in infrastructure are ongoing. A new road link and new approach for truck transports are already in place. The Arken intermodal terminal is directly connected to the RoRo and container terminals, where transshipment takes place between various types of transports.

Vacant premises and logistics buildings at the port of Gothenburg

Your company can design the premises or its own property based on its needs and unique requirements. Your newly built warehouse will enable you to maximize your workflows and implement major cost-saving measures. Your neighbors will include AmringSchenker and RPG. The well-reputed Arken conference center is also located in close by.

Surrounded by talent and innovation

Innovation, creativity and enterprise distinguish the City of Gothenburg on the west coast. With one foot in Bohuslän and the other in the West Götaland region, Gothenburg offers well-established clusters in the region, such as biomedicine, energy, environment and sustainable transports. This is where the Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg can be found, and thus also the talents that your company will probably need in the future. At the same time, as it is possibly Sweden’s most charming big city, it has a rich offering of food, culture and experiences.

A quick journey over the Älvsborg Bridge takes you to the Majorna district of Gothenburg. All the necessary services, such as banks and shops are available near the Port of Gothenburg.

Convenient travel and cargo services

 The Port of Gothenburg is highly accessible, with close proximity to major traffic arteries. It has excellent public transport links and is only about ten minutes from central Gothenburg. You can transport goods by road, sea or rail, while being within ten minutes of central Gothenburg.

The Port of Gothenburg’s offering is unique in the Nordic region, featuring shipping lines with transoceanic operations and close links to Northern European ports. The port is the only one in Sweden that hosts the world’s largest container vessels.

You can transport your goods here by road, sea or rail. The port offers well-conceived public transport links and you can quickly and conveniently travel the 12 kilometers to central Gothenburg.

  • Good parking facilities
  • Car – E6 and E20
  • Convenient to travel to central Gothenburg and the train station
  • Bus
  • Flights to and from Landvetter Airport outside Gothenburg
  • Shipping lines with transoceanic operations, close links within the Nordic region


Environmental and financial sustainability

 The Port of Gothenburg focuses on financial and environmental sustainability. We work systematically to ensure minimal energy consumption in the properties that we develop. Operating and maintenance expenses are also lower, due to the superior energy efficiency of environmentally certified logistics properties in comparison with conventional warehouse buildings. Consequently, we environmentally certify our projects in accordance with the BREEAM environmental certification system.

Today, environmental compatibility and profitability are intertwined and environmental certification becomes your objective guarantee. Your environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a stronger brand and satisfied employees who are content at their workplaces.

Low energy consumption – a shared goal

Higher energy-efficiency in environmentally certified warehouse properties compared with conventional logistics buildings reduces operating and maintenance expenses. Relocating from an older property to a newly built, environmentally certified property will often reduce energy costs by 30 to 40 percent.

Environmental certification – an objective guarantee

To be able to ensure outstanding environmental performance, we have chosen to use the international environmental-certification system, BREEAM. The system adopts a holistic approach to the building and the surrounding environment. The aim is to achieve the least possible environmental impact throughout the building’s lifetime. Green leases are a concrete expression of our shared goal of making a greater difference.

  • Low energy consumption – reduced costs and lower carbon emissions
  • Selection of eco-friendly materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – low sickness absence rates
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for your own operations
  • Green leases – reduced environmental impact
  • Port with world-class environmental policy. Read more about sustainable ports in the Port of Gothenburg’s sustainability report 2015 (in Swedish)
Quick Facts
  • City: Göteborg
  • Project type: Logistics
  • Project phase: For Rent
  • Logistics space: 120000 m²
  • Construction start: 2016
  • Move in date: 2017-01
  • Certificates: BREEAM
Maria Björsander, Account Manager Letting region SouthWest, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: Joakim Kröger
Maria Björsander

Account Manager Letting region SouthWest, NCC Property Development

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