Multihuset, Limhamns läge, Malmö

The whole area of Limhamns location will be developed. Office, retail, residential, parks and streets will take place right by the ocean. From our premises in Limhamn, you can see the sea and the house is filled with service.

Our Multihus located in the hub of Limhamn and developed with the social sustainability focus. This means that with well thought out urban development based on site conditions and the needs of people and create an environment where all residents in Limhamn feel welcome.

About the Multihus

To be close to services and make joint use of parking lots are two important ingredients for sustainable transport development. By collecting the housing areas parking spaces in one single parking garage instead of on each individual property reduces the car's surface language of the city and also the cost of accommodation in the area.

The parking garage is the building's core, and extends through the house from the basement to the floor five. The garage is covered with offices on the north and south side, with homes in the west. The preschool on the sixth floor consists of four departments for up to a total of 80 children. The yard is located on the roof top.

The block contains many different functions. The facades express the content and provide a natural variation. Planned occupancy of the house is the spring of 2019, when also the pre-school is expected to open.

Premises with possibilities

The right office is a success factor. A modern office, adapted from the business to be operated there, gets both face of the company as a place where employees can work effectively. People who feel good at work have lower absenteism, better performance, thereby generating more profit to the company. At the same time, it becomes increasingly important to offer an inspiring working in position to attract and retain the best employees. Therefore it is not surprising that more and more companies see the office as a strategic business tool.

Green, economic and social sustainability

When you select the certified premises, take responsibility for sustainable development. Your environmental generate profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a strong brand and satisfied employees who feel good and at peak performance. We start from an integrated approach, function and economy go hand in hand with sustainability as the environment and social responsibility. Our Sustainable Leases always includes the environment from a green, economic and social perspective to concretize our joint endeavor to make a difference.

Environmental certification is your receipt

Multi house is environmental goals high. Through environmental certification BREEAM Very Good, you get an objective proof that the property is of high quality and truly live up to the ambitious environmental goals.

BREEAM takes a holistic approach to the building and the nearby surroundings. Approved certification means that the property evaluated against a number of established benchmarks. Energy and water, indoor air, pollution, transport, building materials, waste disposal and management processes are a selection of all the aspects evaluated.

Low energy consumption - a common goal

In Multi house in Limhamn are all prerequisites for you as a tenant working climate wise. It is measured, for example, electricity, heating and cooling individually. The high technical standard provides low operating costs, flexible rooms and a good indoor climate. Likewise, the environmental certification tells that the indoor environment is healthy for you and your colleagues. Moving here is a positive commitment to sustainability, which strengthens the brand.

  • Low energy use - lower costs and carbon emissions
  • Environmentally sound materials - a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate - lower absenteeism
  • Individual metering of electricity and heating / cooling - pay only for their own operations
  • Environmental Education for the tenant - lower environmental impact
  • Sustainable lease - lower environmental impact
Fredrik Johansson, Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: Klas Andersson
Fredrik Johansson

Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development

Quick Facts
  • City: Malmö
  • Project type: Office
  • Project phase: Future
  • Construction start: 2016
  • Move in date: 2019

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