Iso Omena Extension – New commercial space inside a flourishing shopping centre

The Iso Omena extension offers 25,000 m2 of new commercial space, together with a bus terminal, connections to the new metro station, and parking spaces for customers and commuters. The City of Espoo has opened a new multipurpose service square in the centre.

Iso Omena will offer some 25,000 m2 of new commercial space, increasing the total area to 80,000 m2. There will be more than 200 shops and services. After the extension, the shopping centre will have some 3,000 parking spaces.

  • The extension will make Iso Omena among the four largest shopping centres in Finland
  • Full service range, including strong premium brands
  • Comprehensive service marketplace of the City of Espoo
  • The metro and bus terminal turn Matinkylä into an ideal traffic centre
  • The strongest population growth area in Finland

Retail space on four floors

Commercial premises are located on four floors. The bottom floor – the bus terminal level – will house fast shopping providers, the first and second floors will have a large array of specialty stores, excellent services and a delicious mix of cafeterias and restaurants, and the third floor will include the Espoo service marketplace and supporting services and functions. There will be various social and healthcare services, the Matinkylä joint service centre and Kela.

Excellent location with the most purchasing power in Finland

Iso Omena is located in the middle of the wealthiest part of Finland with the most purchasing power in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Its impact zone has 780,000 inhabitants. There are expected to be 14.5 million visitors and sales are expected to total EUR 375 million a year.

Retail space in Iso Omena extension

Iso Omena extension is offering some 25,000 m2 of new retail space in four floors. See floor plans here.

Easily accessible by metro, bus, car, bike or on foot

The extension has grown Iso Omena towards the south. Iso Omena is easily accessible by metro, bus or car. New metro line is expected to become operational in January 2017, and the busy station will bring 35,000 passengers to the shopping centre every day. The modern bus terminal for commuters will connect buses to the metro system. There will be a direct connection from the metro station and bus terminal to the shopping centre. There will be separate parking spaces for bicycles in front of the entrances.

LEED Platinum

The Iso Omena Shopping Centre extension has been received a Platinum rating in the LEED global certification system earlier this year. Platinum is the highest-possible environmental classification, and means that the property exhibits outstanding energy, material and water efficiency and excellent indoor environmental quality.

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Quick Facts
  • City: Espoo
  • Project type: Retail
  • Project phase: For Rent
  • Project status: Ongoing
  • Retail space: 25000 m²
  • Construction start: 6/2013
  • Move in date: 2016-08
  • Parking spaces: 3 000 pcs in total
  • Sphere of influence: 780 000 inhabitants
  • Sales target: 250 M/year
  • Target for customer visits: 7 M/year
  • Leasable retail spaces: 30-3,000 m2
  • Cooperation project: NCC and Citycon
  • Certificates: LEED
  • Architect name: Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP
Sirpa Lamminluoto Project Manager, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: Erik Mårtensson
Sirpa Lamminluoto

Project Manager, NCC Property Development