Eskilstuna Logistics Network – Central location and accessible in mid-Sweden

Here – in Northern Europe’s largest logistics center – your company can design premises or its own property based on your needs and unique requirements. In Eskilstuna, Northern Europe’s largest logistics center, your company can design premises based on your needs and unique requirements.

In a modern logistics facility, your workflows can be maximized and major cost savings generated. Today, companies such as Boxon, Wavin and A-Förpackning are located in the area. DHL will also be establishing operations in Eskilstuna Logistics Network. From here, you will have access to 30 percent of Sweden’s population within a 100-kilometer radius.

  • Warehouse with or without offices 5,000–100,000 square meters
  • Total site area 2,750,000 square meters
  • Northern Europe’s largest logistics center
  • Access to 30 percent of Sweden’s population within a radius of 100 kilometers
  • Direct link to the E20 Expressway
  • Access to road, rail and air transport

Handy location at the cutting edge

In Eskilstuna Logistics Network, only 100 kilometers west of Stockholm and ten kilometers east of Eskilstuna, three transportation systems – the Svealandsbanan railway link, the E20 Expressway and Eskilstuna Airport – are interwoven. The modern container terminal makes Eskilstuna a transportation and logistics hub in the Mälaren region.

The planning area for the entire Eskilstuna Logistics Network includes 330 hectares divided into two areas, strategically located close to the E20 Expressway, as well as railway and airport links.

According to Eskilstuna Municipality, a new railway track is currently being planned from the Svealandsbanan railway link to Eskilstuna Logistics Network. The airport also has sufficient capacity to more than double its current traffic.

  • Good parking facilities
  • Vehicles - E20
  • Trains to and from Eskilstuna
  • Proximity to bus services
  • Proximity to airport
  • Warehouses that maximize your workflows

In a modern logistics facility, your workflows can be maximized, providing the potential for considerable cost savings. It is very important that the premises are adapted to the needs of your operations and not vice versa. Regardless of whether you need 3,000 or 100,000 square meters.

The interior capacity will be maximized by building high ceilings, ensuring that you have a sufficient number of loading ports, that pillars are distributed optimally and by laying floors with high bearing capacity. With the right floor plan, you will gain a flexible solution that is sustainable. Here the ceiling height is 10–12 meters, meaning 7–8 pallets high.


Environmental and economic sustainability

Compared with conventional logistics buildings, higher energy efficiency in environmentally certified warehouse properties results in lower running and maintenance expenses. Relocating from an older property to a newly built, environmentally certified property usually reduces energy costs by 30 to 40 percent. Your environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a stronger brand and satisfied employees who are content with their workplaces.

Environmental certification – an objective guarantee

To be able to ensure the environmental performance of our buildings, we have chosen to use the international environmental certification system BREEAM. The system adopts a holistic approach to the building and the surrounding environment. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact throughout the building’s entire lifetime. Green leases are a concrete expression of our shared goal of making a greater difference.

  • Low energy consumption – reduced costs and lower carbon emissions
  • Eco-friendly selection of materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – lower sickness absence
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for your own operations
  • Green leases – reduced environmental impact
Quick Facts
  • City: Eskilstuna
  • Project type: Logistics
  • Project phase: For Rent
  • Logistics space: 100000 m²
  • Move in date: 2020
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