Biogen Idec Finland: ”A perfect match”, Alberga Business Park, Espoo

Biogen Idec Finland Oy chose business premises to support the company image and growth strategy. The spaces now match the operations perfectly.

The biotechnology company Biogen Idec Finland makes a good impression as you walk in: white and bright colours, lots of space, stylish dark-blue combined with grey, everything in perfect harmony. Although the company belongs to a large global group, the office at Leppävaara has a certain Nordic character to it.

"Our foreign visitors have noted that we look pretty Finnish, President Marko Hautalahti smiles."

A well-functioning concept

When the former premises of Biogen Idec Finland grew tight, the company started looking for suitable and distinguished offices for the company by jointly selected criteria: central location, good connections and versatile services were high on the list.

"Alberga Business Park turned out as an ideal alternative and an excellent concept measured by all criteria. We now have an office that fits our values perfectly, looks like us and suits our corporate culture," Mr Hautalahti says and continues, "The layout arrangement supports interaction, but also allows concentrating on work. We have both open-plan office and quiet rooms. The spaces can be flexibly modified depending on our needs and targets for growth."

The best possible solution

Hautalahti believes that the company’s success is already conveyed by the atmosphere that the premises create. He says, "First impressions are created as a matter of seconds. Therefore, we want them to be the best possible. One can never underestimate the significance of working environment."

Biogen Idec’s R & D activity strives to improve the quality of life by developing medicine to fight disease for which the remedies up to now have been rare or non-existent. For example, the company has introduced a new medicine for MS disease on the market. Mr Hautalahti confirms, "The working climate must suit the corporate culture. This office oozes a sense of future accomplishment. We want to be good at what we’re doing, and improve constantly. For example, we have set ourselves the objective to be Finland’s best workplace operating in the series of small businesses in 2017."