”It's all in the first impression”, Taplow Finland, Aitio Business Park

Taplow Finland found the premises to suit its needs and wishes, all from a great vantage point. The eye reaches far from the sixth floor.

The lobby of Aitio Business Park is inviting with its fireplace, rug and stylish furniture. The homely atmosphere continues on the premises of Taplow Finland, a company specialising in demanding upper and middle management recruitment processes and personal evaluations. The freshly decorated premises invite you in.

"Our previous facilities on Bulevardi in downtown Helsinki had become a little impractical and our lease agreement was ending. It was a natural time to look for new and more functional, efficient premises," says Managing Partner Ulla Martola.

Giving wings to ideas

The search for new premises was launched in January 2013. The company considered a few options in different parts of the Helsinki region. The six-man organisation reviewed their options, finally selecting Aitio Business Park.

"As we visit many customers during the day, having excellent transport connections in every direction and good parking facilities was a key selection criterion. Being early birds, we were able to have an impact on the decoration according to our wishes and needs," Martola says.

Because Taplow Finland interviews recruitment candidates, it was necessary to have soundproof conference rooms. The company's offices are practically separated into a quiet area, with a comfortable coffee lounge in the middle.

Light flows in through the large windows, and the view is breathtaking. "The landscape lets the mind fly," smiling Martola says.

Modern impact

Employees of the company that moved into Aitio in July 2013 are happy with the Business Park's services. They cannot help but wonder at the functionality of the premises day after day.

"NCC was excellent in understanding our needs. It took all of our wishes into account in a flexible manner and from our point of view. We were able to build the premises we wanted. A modular space also enables future growth," Martola says.

"It is a pleasure to come here and a joy to receive both customers and interviewees. The first impression is the key. Here, we stand out as a modern player."