Forenom Oy: ”Worthy of our values”, Aitio Business Park, Helsinki

Forenom Oy found their brand-new business premises at Aitio Business Park. The spaces that are worth the company’s values bring enjoyment to the customers and employees alike. Here everything is in place.

Well-lit, spacious and colourful premises on two floors at Aitio Business Park along Mannerheimintie in Helsinki are welcoming new tenants at great speed.

Forenom, a company specialising in temporary accommodation and relocation services, wanted a change, since their former premises had grown tight, the house engineering obsolete and interiors out of date. The space arrangement resembled a multi-storey labyrinth which did not serve the purpose any more.

"At first we examined properties in the neighbourhood, in order to find extra space there. As it happened, there were many alternatives available, but no purpose-built solution. Therefore, we ended up investigating new alternatives and finally chose Aitio," Country Director Jussi Saarinen says.

Good accessibility

The new spaces have room for Forenom’s growth strategy. Back in 2001 the activity started with some twenty apartments, which could be managed by a couple of employees only. Today, the company employs more than a hundred professionals and manages nearly 2000 apartments in different parts of Finland and in the neighbouring countries.

"Our Helsinki-based personnel have been on the increase lately: annually some 20 to 30 more people are recruited. By this growth rate allowing for some extra we justified our moving to new premises," Saarinen states, and continues, "Every day we sign about a hundred contracts with the customers meaning that we are quite busy handing over keys to the apartments. Therefore it is important that we can be easily reached both by car and public transport."

Before moving, the company made a personnel survey which clearly showed that employees value cosiness, clean indoor air and suitable location. Aitio is easy to reach from different directions, and the house engineering is up-to-date.

A profitable investment

Forenom operates on two floors at Aitio. The customer service is at the street level and administration on the second. The floors communicate through separate stairs which makes life easier for the employees and brings the company together.

"Our former office was like a labyrinth on several floors where people worked separated from each other. You could hardly meet your workmate during the day. The best thing about our new spaces is the break rooms and kitchenettes. We can also hold joint occasions there such as breakfast meetings," Mr Saarinen says.

The office premises of nearly 900 square metres reflect the company’s values: the vigour of youth, enthusiasm, brightness, freshness, and competence. The values are also repeated in the names of the conference rooms, such as ”Lupaus” (”Promise”), ”Positiivisen kaiun kierre” (”The Reflection of Positive Echo”), ”Rohkeus” (”Braveness”), ”Sininen meri” (”Blue Ocean”) , and ”Keidas” (”Oasis”).

"Here we can offer all our employees the optimal and purposeful workspaces. For example, good indoor air quality has a direct effect on work well-being and satisfaction. The services available in common use at the Business Park are also very much in demand," Project Manager Anna-Maija Sorvari states.

"An investment in the right spaces pays back without a doubt. Since our targets include offering green accommodation service, the energy efficiency of Aitio Business Park is a great bonus," Mr Saarinen emphasises.