GRI-appendix for NCC 2017

This is NCC’s seventh Sustainability Report and it pertains to the 2017 fiscal year. NCC reports on its sustainability each year and the report has been included in NCC’s Annual Report since 2010.

NCC reports its sustainability work annually as part of the NCC Annual Report. Since 2010, the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have been applied for the reporting of sustainability information. Although this year’s Sustainability Report, which applies to the 2017 fiscal year, has not been audited by a third party, NCC is of the opinion that the information in the 2017 Annual Report, together with information on the NCC website and in this GRI appendix, fulfils the GRI disclosure requirements for Core.

The most recent Annual Report was published on March 16, 2017. Unless otherwise stated, all of the information pertains to the entire NCC Group. In the appended GRI index, references are provided to where in the Annual Report that information about the particular indicator is presented. Clarifying information is also provided in the GRI index for certain indicators. After having reviewed and evaluated the sectorspecific supplement for Construction & Real Estate, the assessment has been made that only the indicator CRE8 is relevant for NCC’s reporting. In addition, the materiality assessment has been updated and the number of material aspects has been reduced; see page 2.

With respect to calculations of emissions, conversion from consumption to emissions has been conducted in accordance with guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Starting in 2015, the calculation model “market-based” has been used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions. Information about purchased electricity and heating volumes has been obtained through data provided directly by NCC’s suppliers. The Credit360 support system was used to compile the statistics.