Talent Management

Sweden’s future prosperity depends on access to technical competence in a world that is becoming ever more technology-driven. NCC makes an active contribution to talent management in society through both training and labor market initiatives.

Main sponsor of Math Centrum

Since mathematics is a subject close to NCC's heart, we are the main sponsor of Math Centrum, which helps over 100,000 secondary and upper secondary students to get through their math homework and through school. Math Centrum runs 25 math labs all over Sweden, and in Denmark and Norway. The plan is to also launch the concept in Finland  2016/2017.

A sound knowledge of mathematics is essential for completing compulsory school, and for further studies at upper secondary school and university. Help with homework also reduces social exclusion and is of great benefit to children who can't access support in other ways.

The partnership with Math Centrum gives NCC's employees an opportunity to get involved in the math labs as volunteers. The next step is to identify locations where new math labs can be set up and where NCC has a presence. Together with Math Centrum, we will also be launching pluggakuten.se, a website that will be built up over time, with us as its exclusive sponsor.


Our trainee program provides the perfect bridge between theory and practice. Here you have a chance to develop broad knowledge about our business, possible job options and career paths within NCC, while at the same time creating a sound foundation to build on in the future. 

We have several fixed modules, such as production, costing and purchasing.