NCC has everything to gain from ensuring diversity within the company. By welcoming employees with a wide variety of skills and experiences, we reflect society and at the same time increase our understanding of our customers. Diversity helps drive development and is good for business.

NCC Nystart – For foreign-born engineers

Together with the Swedish Public Employment Service, NCC and Kunskapsskolan are jointly launching NCC Nystart – a new training course for foreign-born adults with an engineering qualification. The purpose of the course is to offer a rapid route into the labor market in an industry that has significant recruitment needs.

The program is tailor-made for NCC and will provide a thorough grounding in areas such as culture, social norms at a worksite, and health and safety. There will also be language training and education in how the Swedish labor market works. Combining theory and practice, the ultimate aim of the course is that participants can then be employed at NCC.

Applications are dealt with by the local Employment Office (Arbetsförmedlingen). Contact your case officer at the Employment Office to find out more. The deadline for applications is 13 May 2016.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact your case officer at the Employment Office or Matilda Lugnegård, HR specialist at NCC: matilda.lugnegard@ncc.se.

Partnership with Mitt Liv

Mitt Liv is an organization that works to improve diversity and integration in the Swedish labor market. NCC is the first construction company to have entered into partnership with them. This gives us an opportunity to support people with a foreign background who are currently not in a job that matches their skillset. We provide around 10 mentors, who are themselves given training in diversity issues.

The mentoring is beneficial to both parties. The mentees receive help in successfully navigating the Swedish labor market. And at the same time the mentors and NCC gain access to a pool of talented recruits, as well as skills development and valuable help in their own diversity work.

Our site manager program for women

Of our 100 site managers, only three are women. We want to change that. By broadening the recruitment base to include more women, we can ensure that we have access to the best site managers while also creating a better working environment. NCC has therefore launched its site manager program for women. In addition to providing the knowledge necessary for the role, the aim of the course is to build networks for the future and to change ingrained patterns and attitudes.

The content of the course is the same as on NCC's current site manager program, but with only female colleagues, who are given space to discuss the challenges that need to be managed, both as a leader and often as one of only a few women at the construction site. Our hope is naturally that as many women as men will want to be site managers in the near future, making a special program redundant.