Sustainable Refurbishment

Sustainable Refurbishment is a total concept that makes renovation a good deal by finding profitable synergies between renovation, energy efficiencies and maintenance. This creates scope for sustainable investments, with quality of life and economics going hand in hand.

A living environment that is well maintained is valued highly by both property owners and tenants. But for most property owners the will is greater than the financial resources and planned renovations are often put off. However, as the need for renovation increases, so do the operational and maintenance costs. At the same time, the development's attractiveness decreases, along with the opportunity for increased rental income. The challenges for existing housing nevertheless also present major opportunities.

Overall finance is the key

Financial opportunities can be created by looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the overall finances. Energy savings can fund a renovation. The renovation reduces maintenance costs and at the same time increases attractiveness and rent levels. One measure enables another. In other words, there is scope to ensure pleasant housing for the residents and at the same time give the property owner a long-term, profitable management plan. This is what Sustainable Renovation is all about.

Shared responsibility

By 2020, domestic energy consumption is supposed to have fallen by 20 percent. The biggest savings will have to be made in existing housing, since newbuilds constitute such a small proportion of all the housing stock. Carefully managing the planet's resources has become our shared responsibility. Sustainable Renovation makes it possible to do your bit, while at the same time investing in your own living environment and operating costs.

Holistic view

Sustainable renovation takes account of the fact that every customer, property and area has its own unique circumstances. Working together to assess various initiatives based on your needs makes it easier to see how they affect your overall finances over the long term. Then we draw up a package of measures that are relevant and economical for you. Collaboration under the Partnering scheme gives us the chance to create a result that is sustainable in the long term.

Everybody can influence the project

Renovation and retrofitting projects are often complex, with many different aspects to be taken into account. An open collaboration in which all the parties contribute and share their knowledge is a key to success. Partnering entails us forming a joint organization, having joint finances and working towards joint goals. This creates strong, shared commitment to the project from the outset. It is in everyone's interest to safeguard quality, to be finished on time and to keep to the budget we set up together. Involving the residents in the process means that their needs are also met.

High environmental performance

NCC possesses extensive experience and expertise in energy and the environment. There is therefore considerable scope to choose solutions that offer high environmental performance at every stage. In addition to energy and operational savings, you have the option of environmental or energy classification for buildings, plus you can choose climate-efficient materials and alternative energy sources. We can also offer you full carbon offsetting for the entire project. Naturally, we minimize the projects' impact on the climate during the construction period.

Efficient and self-learning process

Partnering also offers a great opportunity to continually improve the efficiency of the work via the effect of repetition and continuous improvements. Our experience in industrial construction provides you with a cost-effective and quality-assured process, with our expertise in areas such as purchasing, logistics and project planning also contributing to lower costs.