Greenfuels – we’re forging a new path for renewable energy

Wood pellets are replacing fossil fuels in our asphalt works. This will benefit all our road projects in the Nordic region.

We have now developed and applied for a patent for a new innovation that makes it possible to use wood pellets on a large scale in asphalt production. The initiative marks a paradigm shift in the industry. Switching to renewable energy is a way for us to reduce our dependence on oil and our environmental impact. With this new technology, we can switch to wood pellets and a manufacturing process with much reduced carbon emissions in our asphalt works.

Innovation enables transition

By switching to renewable fuels, the industry in the Nordic region could reduce its carbon emissions by the amount that 217,000 cars emit. Every year. NCC represents around a third. Up until now fuel oil and gas have been the primary fuels. When we replace these with renewable energy, we'll be taking a pioneering step in the transition to more sustainable asphalt production.

Long-term sustainable raw material

Having spent several years investigating various alternative fuels, we have chosen to invest in wood pellets for our asphalt works. One reason is that wood pellets do not compete with biofuel or food production. Thanks to our innovation, wood pellets can also be used on a large scale, which is necessary for this transition to be fully viable.

Tested and refined technology 

The use of wood pellets requires a special technology to ensure that the asphalt product achieves the right quality. The fuel is highly efficient, which delivers a very resource- and energy-efficient process in the asphalt works. The technology has been developed and tested by NCC over a long period, together with several partners.