Miljöbyggnad (formerly Miljöklassad byggnad) is a Swedish environmental classification system based on Swedish conditions and requirements.

NCC is taking another step towards environmentally sustainable housing by eco-certifying all of its own housing projects. NCC is thus further strengthening its focus on energy efficiency, a healthy indoor environment and sound material choices.

As a participant in the ByggaBo dialog, NCC has been involved in the development of this environmental classification system and it is one of the systems that NCC has chosen to offer its customers.

The homes will be certified according to Miljöbyggnad's Silver level. A Silver-level Eco-building meets requirements for highly efficient energy use, sound material choices, a quiet indoor environment, good ventilation and good damp-proofing.

The system can be used for new and existing buildings. Buildings completed after 1 July 2009 are classed as newbuilds. There are two manuals, one for existing buildings and one for new/planned buildings.

Any type of building that is in operation and calibrated can be assessed.

The system assesses environmental aspects relating to:

  • Energy (use, demand and energy types)
  • Indoor environment (sound, light, damp, air and water quality)
  • Materials and chemicals (occurrence, documentation and phasing out of hazardous substances)

For buildings with their own water and wastewater system there is also a fourth area:

  •  Specific environmental requirements

The system awards the classifications:

  • Classified
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The environmental classification is performed by one or more people depending on the areas of expertise and then a review is conducted by the non-profit Sweden Green Building Council, which has 155 companies and organizations as members. These include NCC, the National Property Board of Sweden, Fortum and Fastighetsägarna.