Materials and Waste

NCC aims to be a leader and a trailblazer in the field of sustainability. As part of this drive, we look for resource and energy efficient products and solutions (in every link of the value chain) that help our customers to reduce their environmental impact and act more sustainably.

Promoting a healthy and sustainable living environment for people, animals and nature, while also creating business that is profitable in the long term, is a fundamental component of our strategy.

All over the world, raw materials and other resources are currently being consumed at a rate that vastly exceeds our planet's own production capacity. We are living as if we had a spare planet to hand!

In this reality, the construction industry plays a significant role, since it is a major consumer of material resources and energy, both in its own operations and in the products and services with which it supplies society. Transforming the construction sector into a sustainable industry requires a proactive approach to today's challenges.

As a leading player in the industry, NCC is keen to be involved in driving the transition and progress towards a more sustainable society. For us the key is to achieve balanced resource use and to develop new technical solutions, products and working methods that take things in the right direction. It is also about breaking with the traditional ways of working and creating new paths to collaboration with other players and stakeholders in society.

Christina Lindbäck, Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Christina Lindbäck

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability, NCC Group