Sustainability Framework

NCC’s sustainability work is based on a framework with the objective of increasing value for shareholders, customers and the Group, while also reducing the negative impact on society and the environment.


Portfolio Performance

  • Provide superior sustainable solutions to the society

Health and Safety

  • Safe and secure workplaces
  • Better health among all stakeholders in the value chain

Social Inclusion

  • Better quality of life for workers, customers and society
  • Diversity and equality of work force
  • Increased social inclusion in contracting
  • Empower local communities

Materials and Waste

  • Non-hazardous materials
  • Circular supplies
  • Less waste generated
  • Resource efficiency

Climate and Energy

  • Less energy used and less greenhouse gases
  • Climate adaptation
  • Biodiversity as an asset


  • Fair business and no corruption
  • Supply chain control and transparency
  • Sustainable purchasing
Christina Lindbäck

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability, NCC Group