NCC’s contribution to the UN Global Goals

A central issue for the Nordic municipalities and authorities today is the work on the global goals. For NCC, this means that we now need to transform global needs and ambitions into concrete business solutions, locally where we are. Agenda 2030 and the UN global goals ensure that NCC creates change where it is needed the most.

17 global goals and 169 targets

The UN and world’s leaders have decided on 17 goals and 169 targets to deal with the most urgent social, economic and environmental challenges in the lead-up to 2030. NCC welcomes the agenda and sees that we are on the right track regarding our offerings but also sees that the agenda's goals can be used to predict what will be demanded from us in the future.

NCC has selected four global goals that NCC has the greatest potential to contribute to through the Group’s societal solutions, and another 11 targets that are fundamental to NCC’s operations and offerings.

NCC’s positive impact through the core business


NCC’s expertise, knowledge and solutions will be imperative to the achievement of sustainable development at places where people work, reside, travel and live. Accordingly, NCC plays an important role in the Nordic contribution to achieve global goals 7, 9, 11 and 12. This includes building housing and infrastructure that everyone can afford and that remove physical and mental barriers in cities; i.e. inclusive societies. It also involves being resource-efficient by creating circular material flows and independence from fossil fuels. As the pace of climate change increases, NCC must help to build resilient societies that can cope with heavy rain and extreme heat.

NCC’s resource management


For long, NCC has been proactive in the work to formulate offerings and work methods that improve the situation for people and the environment. Accordingly, NCC regards global goals 3, 6, 13, 14 and 15 as fundamental to its operations and a prerequisite for long-term access to the natural resources needed by NCC. In addition, people’s health and well-being can be promoted through intelligent buildings and sustainable infrastructure. By integrating green areas into urban environments, NCC also contributes to improving biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems. Although the Nordic region currently has relatively favorable access to water, NCC considers it important to contribute to the achievement of global goals 6 and 14, for example, through ecosystem services and water efficiency throughout the value chain.

NCC’s foundation


NCC is a company guided by its values and our merits, products, services and people are the foundation for how we do business. NCC raises knowledge and expertise in society through the schools we build and the education we provide to both young people and employees, which contributes to achieving global goal 4. NCC complies with principles for equality, reduced inequality and decent labor standards and economic growth, which are directly linked to global goals 5, 8 and 10. By 2030, the company will also continue to promote employment for young people, ensure a safe work environment and proactively work to end discrimination of women. Cooperation and partnerships with various stakeholders are fundamental to transform to a sustainable world by 2030, as reflected in global goals 16 and 17.
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Supplementing these, some 50 sub-targets have been selected as being relevant and guiding for NCC in its work to achieve the global goals. NCC intends to continue to implement the global goals in its operations, in part by developing new solutions and involving more functions in the Group.