The way we operate - Code of Conduct

Our vision is to renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions.

NCC’s Code of Conduct outlines a set of expected behaviors for all stakeholders – employees, managers, the Board and business partners – that support the ethical culture of the organization. But why does NCC need a Code of Conduct?

We are one of the leading construction and property development companies in Northern Europe, creating and developing entire communities for work, living and communications. Because virtually everything we build has a lifetime that extends far into the future, ensuring responsible enterprise and the ethical conduct of our skilled and dedicated employees is key to our business. Our products and solutions help people to realize their dreams of a new home, a new creative office environment, a safe road to drive on or a comfortable and healthy school environment for their children.

Doing all this in a sustainable manner is a major responsibility, and NCC is committed to the highest ethical standards. This is why we consider it important to set out guidelines not only for how we behave toward our stakeholders and what they can expect from us, but also for what we expect from parties that do business with us or come into contact with us in some other way. The guidelines cannot cover every conceivable situation but are intended to help all of us to ‘do the right thing’ and to make it easier to speak up about any concerns – and speaking up is something we want to encourage.

Upholding the Code of Conduct is a positive way to live by our values and is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders. 

Group Compliance Officer, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Jenny Gaulitz
Gunnar Bäckström

Group Compliance Officer, NCC Group