Trafikplats Tingstad in Gothenburg

In central Gothenburg, and on behalf of Trafikverket, NCC is building Trafikplats Tingstad. New roads and bridges shall improve Gothenburg’s challenging traffic situation.

Trafikplats Tingstad (the Tingstad traffic intersection) is one of four sub-projects in the Marieholm Connection project, which will form a new connection beneath the Göta Älv river. The traffic intersection is a part of the E6, which is the main traffic route between Gothenburg and Oslo. The project shall be completed by June 2020.

Heavily trafficked during the construction period

This project constitutes a major challenge as the area is heavily trafficked. The E6 passes straight through the construction area, carrying 80,000 cars every day. During the construction period, traffic will be diverted to provisional roads.

“One of our priorities is to implement noise-reducing measures, and it is our ambition to minimise disruption to local residents”, says Nils Bjelm, Division Manager at NCC Infrastructure.

Asphalt from environmentally-adapted asphalt plants

A total of approximately 35,000 tons of asphalt will be used in the project. This is manufactured at Kärraverket, which is one of NCC’s environmentally-friendly asphalt plants, where the use of fossil fuels is minimised and replaced with wood pellets – NCC Green fuel. The asphalt from the existing road will be torn up and recycled, which will then be used in the new road surface and in other related projects.