Koggen 2 – Perfect signage location for brand-enhancing offices in Malmö

The Koggen 2 property is located in the vibrant district of Västra Hamnen in Malmö. Construction was finished and the property was sold in 2012.

By having an office in the Koggen 2 property, organizations choose one of the best signage locations in Malmö in the trendy city district of Västra Hamnen. Into the bargain, they also receive office premises in the Best BREEAM Building of 2013, according to the Sweden Green Building Council. Koggen 2 have attracted strong companies such as Beijer Electronics, EFG and Bravura.

Right location in Västra hamnen, the trendy city district in Malmö

Västra Hamnen is one of the largest development areas in Malmö. This is where we have developed the high-profile and environmentally certified office building Koggen 2. Its location along the through route into Västra Hamnen, gives tenants perfect signage opportunities. Thanks to its close proximity to Malmö city center and the Malmö Central transport hub, the city district is attractively located in the Öresund region. Koggen 2 offer companies modern office premises in Malmö that will help attract new employees and to retain key personnel, at the same time as the workplace becomes an important element of a company’s brand.

Flexible office premises

The office premises are designed to enable adaptability in terms of profile and appearance, as well as layout and size. Here, tenants are able to adapt the premises completely in accordance with their own requirements. 

A flexible and adaptable work environment facilitates interaction between employees and creates a feeling of comfort. Job satisfaction increases and employees are healthier thus enhancing productivity. With a ceiling height of 2.70 meters, the premises admit plenty of daylight and, since the floors have no supporting columns, it is easy to rearrange and furnish the offices.

Beautiful surroundings and good service

Västra Hamnen in Malmö is a vibrant area. It offers beautiful walks along the sea front promenade, exciting architecture and a wide variety of tempting restaurants and cafes. It is also home to the world-class skateboarding park Stapelbäddsparken!

Green areas can be seen everywhere in Västra Hamnen and you are never far from the sea. Read more about all of the parks in the area at vastrahamnen.se.

No one will be disappointed by the range of services available here. Restaurants, malls, clothes shops, local convenience stores and florists are all close by. You have every opportunity to purchase your daily groceries or run errands. Malmö city center is only a ten-minute walk away.

Good transport links to the entire world

The transport links to and from Västra Hamnen are excellent. The transport hub, Malmö Central Station, is just a ten-minute walk away. In addition, several buses stop just outside Koggen 2, with departures every seven minutes. The City of Malmö also has plans for future rail-bound traffic to the area.

Cyclists will be pleased to know that plenty of bike paths lead to Koggen 2. Malmö is a fantastic city for cycling. A parking garage is situated close to the property.

  • Malmö Central Station: Ten-minute walk
  • Kastrup airport (Copenhagen): 20-minute train journey from Malmö Central Station
  • Sturup airport (Malmö): 30 minutes by car
  • Parking: The adjacent indoor car park, Erika, plus many other car parks in the area
  • Buses: Number 2, 3 and 8


By choosing an environmentally certified office, organizations also take responsibility for promoting sustainable development. Environmental responsibility generates profitability in the form of lower energy costs, a stronger brand and satisfied, thriving employees operating at peak performance.

Low energy consumption – a shared goal

Koggen 2 is constructed according to the criteria of the EU GreenBuilding Program and has been certified in accordance with BREEAM, the world’s foremost environmental certification system. Everything has been assessed, from the choice of materials to the construction process. The aim throughout has been for the building to have the least possible environmental impact throughout its lifetime.

In this context, we take a holistic approach, in which function and financial parameters are intertwined with sustainability aspects, such as environmental considerations and social responsibility.  Our leases always include a section on the environment and thus serve as a tangible expression of our shared goal of making a difference.

Breeam building of the year 2013

Koggen 2 was the first office building in the Nordic region to be certified as BREEAM Excellent, and the Sweden Green Building Council named it the Best BREEAM Building of 2013.

The design of the building has been meticulously thought out with respect to its frame and climate shell, and its energy consumption is nearly twice as good as the requirement stipulated in the Swedish Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s construction regulations. Its energy consumption corresponds to nearly half of this requirement. Factors contributing to the achievement of BREEAM Excellent include the careful selection of materials for the building’s façade, roof and hardened surfaces, as well as insulation that takes the entire lifecycle of the building into consideration.

  • Low energy consumption – reduced costs and lower carbon emissions
  • Eco-friendly selection of materials – a sustainable society
  • Healthy indoor climate – lower sickness absence
  • Individual measurement of electricity and heating/cooling – pay only for own operations
  • Green leases – reduced environmental impact
Fredrik Johansson, Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development. Photo/illustration: Klas Andersson
Fredrik Johansson

Account Manager Letting, NCC Property Development