Grani Local Centre

A diverse local centre in downtown Kauniainen. Stores, restaurants and offices on three floors.

The Local Centre Grani is located at a central location in Kauniainen, right in the heart of the town. Grani is a local centre which serves residents of the neighbouring areas in addition to the people living in Kauniainen, thanks to its excellent location and diverse range of services.

Grani offers commercial services for the needs of the local residents. In addition to the largest stores, Valintatalo and Alko, the mall includes different kinds of restaurants and cafes, several small specialty stores and a variety of services on two floors.

Local Centre Grani is located at the best site in Kauniainen at the intersection of Kauniaistentie and Tunnelitie at Kauniaistentie 7, FI-02700 Kauniainen, Finland.