Brynseng School

NCC is building Brynseng school, an educational facility with a clear environmental profile in Oslo, Norway.

Brynseng School to be future built project

Brynseng school will be a new grade 1–7 school (6-13 year olds), with a multi-purpose hall, for 840 pupils. The ambitious environmental profile of the school building aims to make it a reference project for future schools in Norway and abroad. The school will be built as a passive building, but will also be a pilot project for Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs), which is a standard that will apply to public buildings in the EU from 2018 and all new buildings from 2021. The school will encompass an area of approximately 11,700 m² and be completed ready for the start of the school year in 2017.

Together with Undervisningsbygg, NCC will be part of realizing joint ambitions for constructing a future-oriented and sustainable school building. Brynseng school will need to meet a number of strict criteria in order to achieve these ambitious environmental aims. A photovoltaic installation will be built into the façade, in addition to a number of wells for heat pumps. The photovoltaic installation will be 1,000 m² and produce an output of about 100,000 kWh per year.

Educational aspect integrated in the building

The finished building will allow pupils and teachers to monitor electricity production and consumption, which will give the project a new and exciting educational dimension. NCC will be a leader in sustainable development and this project bears witness to the company’s focus on well-defined environmental targets that will help new generations to gain an insight into energy and the environment.

Leader in sustainability

NCC is one of Northern Europe’s leading construction and development companies in sustainable building and has experience from several environmentally certified educational buildings. Industrial activities were previously carried out at the site and large volumes of substances including lead and oil and building remains must be removed before construction can begin. The site will follow NCC’s proprietary “Green Construction Site” concept that imposes stricter requirements than those dictated by the authorities regarding, for example, energy consumption and waste management.

Illustration: HRTB

Trond Bergsland, Head of Department DK Øst, NCC Building. Photo/illustration: N/A
Trond Bergsland

Head of Department DK Øst, NCC Building Nordics