Marioff Corporation Oy: ”Safe and functional”

When Marioff moved in to Plaza Business Park, Halo became the most fire-protected office building in Finland. The head office of the Finnish company rapidly filled the first four floors.

The installation of the HI-FOG extinguishing system developed by Marioff Corporation Oy throughout the entire building was, from the very beginning, an honour for the company and an obvious safety factor. As similar systems are not regularly used in office buildings, Halo is unique – also in that sense.

"The system limits, smothers and puts out fires by triggering a fine water mist using high pressure. It produces excellent results with only small volumes of water by displacing the oxygen required by the fire. In addition, the technological feature which eliminates thermal radiation controls the fire and prevents it from spreading," Finance Director Juha Kuivalainen says.

From cubicles to open spaces

The head office of Marioff was previously located in Tikkurila, Vantaa for nearly ten years. After the investment permit was obtained for the new office in April 2012, the wheels were set turning. Initially, the long list included some 40 locations, of which close to 20 were visited.

"The old premises were labyrinthine and in need of a complete overhaul. As a result, we wanted something new, a change of space, an advanced, open, innovative, interactive and more social office," Kuivalainen says.

The transition from cubicles to the Open Office Environment concept was a major change, but everything has worked even better than expected. We prepared a set of rules for working in an open space, and have stuck to them. The office is quiet, enjoyable and functional, Kuivalainen says.

A time to take your hat off

Divided into four floors, the heart of Marioff is located in the third floor kitchen and lounge. It is a place where everyone can come to take a break, have a cup of coffee and talk. All floors are accessible through the indoor stairway, and the entrance floor offers a number of conference rooms of different sizes and a one-of-a-kind showroom.