Oy Ford Ab: ”A modern multi-use space”

Oy Ford Ab, the well-known car importer, moved in to new premises at the beginning of January 2014. The modern office has fulfilled all wishes and expectations.

It is two o'clock and time for a cup of coffee. In the box fresh premises, people are eagerly congregating in the new break room where 'Relax' is written on the wall in large letters. This is the place to be.

This is where we get relaxed, have a cup of coffee and chat. This is a room where our employees like to be, and it improves the sense of togetherness and team spirit, Human Resources Manager Ritva Vuorela says.

The new brand comes out

There were many reasons for the move. The lease agreement in Malmi, Helsinki, was ending and the previous premises were in poor condition. In addition, the aim was to have the funding company, previously operating in separate premises, under the same roof. As it was also time to upgrade the brand, there was a need for something new.

"We started to look for a good location and to identify where our employees live. We were in need of good transport connections because we have visitors from all over Finland, and also from abroad," Vuorela says.

At Plaza Business Park Halo, our wishes and opportunities met. The new office is only half the size of the previous one, but the new premises are more functional without any excess space.

The office was designed in cooperation with Ford employees, NCC and Pearco, a company specialising in the production of facility services. According to Vuorela, the tripartite dialogue was productive.

Easy and carefree

The functionality of the Business Park is inspiring. As all services are easily available, more resources can be allocated to other tasks and not a single employee needs to worry about the sufficiency of parking spaces or the restaurant services offered. "This is extremely care-free," Vuorela summarises.

Another source of inspiration is the versatility of the space. Divided into two floors, the new 1,115 m2 office offers varied working environment for individual and team work. There are areas for meetings and those that offer peace and quiet.