Sustainable Approach

NCC's sustainability work is based on our vision – to renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. By working together with customers and suppliers, and through active engagement in society, we contribute to a sustainable future.

Our lifestyle and the way we have been using natural resources to support our welfare, has affected the status of the planet that we depend on. Basically all negative impact that we are experiencing, such as pollution of water, soil and air and an accelerating global warming, can be directly connected to our way of life.

The warming of the climate causes obvious climatic and environmental changes, such as more a more extreme weather, rising sea levels, reduced biodiversity and changes in our water supplies. These impacts are expected to intensify in the coming decades and threaten to cause serious damage to our way of life, our economies and the environment we depend on. NCC is of course aware of the fact that our industry has contributed to these negative changes in our environment.

Our industry's environmental impact is big. Not least through the consumption of energy and raw materials and the CO2-emissions connected to our business. However, if our impact is big, that means the same for our possibility to make a difference! In our role as a society builder, we have the ability to help society both to adapt to these changes in our environment and to contribute with superior sustainable solutions that reduces both our own and our suppliers' as well as our customers negative impact on the our planet.

By working continuously to develop additional energy-efficient, climate-compatible and resource-efficient products and services, independently and together with customers, environmental impact can be reduced and sustainable development can be achieved. By identifying sustainable solutions to society's problems, we also contribute to a long-term social sustainable development in the communities we serve. We want to enable a better quality of life for workers, customers, suppliers and society.

NCC's sustainability framework shows that all aspects of sustainability are of equal importance. We believe that working according to our framework will guide us towards a more sustainable future. We are an empowering part in an inclusive society. The wellbeing of an individual is existentialistic and each and every one of us thinks differently of the ideal life, but as a construction company NCC can provide and create environments for safe and comfortable environments both indoors and outdoors.

As an employer our goal is the same; safety for us is of highest priority and all our employees should feel comfortable at work. We are climate neutral. Realizing that we have accelerated the unwanted change in the climate is the first step to fix our mistake. NCC has set a goal to cut our CO2-emissions by 50 % until 2020. We can also provide our customers with a variety of sustainable solutions to help them reduce their own carbon footprint. We plan both our production and our products and services to be energy efficient, throughout the entire life cycle. We close the loop. We work hard to be resource efficient by prioritizing sustainable materials and products and designing for recyclability.

Our goal is to generate zero negative value waste. Prioritizing sustainable materials and products does not only mean choosing materials with low environmental impact, it also means that transparency throughout the value chain is of high importance to us. We want to ensure that the products we purchase are produced under responsible, both socially and environmentally, conditions.