Green Lease by NCC – a green leasing model for commercial premises

We property developers are often responsible for sustainable development solutions only at the construction stage. However, users of commercial premises and owners of properties make up large parts of consumption during the life cycle of buildings. NCC has developed the new Green Lease by NCC concept which extends the viewpoint of sustainable development to the entire life cycle of the building and commits all parties to green actions.

The planned service life of office buildings is 50 years. Therefore, all choices made during the life of buildings have far-reaching effects on carbon dioxide emissions produced by the building. Building users can significantly reduce the environmental load through their choices but, in order to make the correct choices, they need information about the functionality of the building and the overall impact of any choices made.

Green lease by NCC is a new way to commit to a better tomorrow

The Green Lease by NCC model accompanied with the lease agreement is a strong expression of will for end users and NCC to reduce the use of energy, recycle and be more environmentally friendly. Attaching Green Lease terms and conditions to the lease agreement is not mandatory. Through Green Lease by NCC, the developer, property owner and lessee are committed to a cleaner future.

Green Lease

In the Green Lease by NCC method, the lessee and lessor are committed to improving the property's energy efficiency. In addition, the terms and conditions prescribe objectives related to the reduction of energy consumption, and the environmental impact of materials and waste. These include the optimisation of indoor temperatures and air conditioning operating hours, efficient waste sorting, recycling of office furniture and increased amount of videoconferences. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to travel from their homes to work and back using public transportation, or by carpooling, walking or bicycling.

NCC always provides tenants with information about the planned method of operation and use, and with tips for an eco-friendly and energy efficient use.

Property Guide

The property guide, "the Green Manual," included in the Green Lease method provides building users and lessees with information about the correct use of the property. In addition, it includes practical information about safety, transport connections and building maintenance. With the guide, the tenant can control the indoor climate energy efficiently and make eco-friendly material and decoration choices.

Because Green Lease is strongly present in the everyday lives of building users, its objectives need to be monitored. Green Lease by NCC includes an annual environmental seminar where the property owner and user review the current year's energy and water consumption, comparing it to the objectives set. In addition, they agree upon new objectives for the upcoming year. Sustainable development requires action.

Greenlease by NCC

  • energy efficiency and indoor climate
  • interior design and material choices
  • waste management
  • property maintenance and cleaning
  • trips to work