Future Logistics by NCC®

A strategic location, reduced energy costs and customized premises built to match your business. When you choose to relocate to a logistics property that we have developed, you will notice the impact immediately.

Boost your profitability with the right warehouse solution and the right location. We offer the best locations in Sweden. We will create your new warehouse to match your business. We will jointly work our way through the Future Logistics by NCC® process, towards a shared goal of creating a flexible, energy-efficient and healthy work environment for you and your co-workers. This applies to both the warehouse and the associated offices. The aim is that your employees will thrive, feel good and perform well in the work environments that we develop. Healthy indoor environments reduce sickness absence and boost the efficiency and productivity of your workforce

Efficient Warehouses

The internal and external logistics of our warehouses are adapted to optimize work flows. A well-conceived layout and a sufficient number of loading ports will make your operations more efficient. Since progress in the logistics industry is rapid, it is essential that you make your premises future-proof today already.

It is also essential that the floors have sufficient bearing capacity and that the layout of columns is appropriate. With a ceiling height of 11.7 meters, it is possible to have stacks of up to eight pallets. By choosing passageways with a width of 2.9 meters rather than the conventional 3.2 to 3.8 meters, smaller premises can be used for the same number of pallets. This enables you to reduce costs, thus leading to better operational economics.

“We have created a completely new, function-divided organization that can quickly be adapted to the assignments that have to be done. Since our aim is to be flexible and efficient, we need a building that supports our way of working”

- Fredrik Lycke, President of Amring, which has moved to newly constructed premises at the Port of Gothenburg

Sustainability provides a head start

Our objective is to develop healthy, resource-efficient properties. With this in mind, we eco-certify the logistics properties we develop using the BREEAM system, and the lowest level we aspire to is Very Good.

Relocating from an older property to a newly built, environmentally certified logistics facility usually reduces energy costs by a full 30 to 40 percent. Environmental certification also entails that the indoor environment has been optimized for ensuring the wellbeing of your employees so that they can perform better.

Long-term sustainability is more than just environmental responsibility. It also involves placing the tenant in the center. Before putting a spade in the ground, we conduct comprehensive preparatory work. Each new project is developed on the basis of your wishes and requirements.

The right location equals better business

When developing logistics facilities, we always choose strategic locations close to major traffic arteries, railways, ports and airports. We offer premises where flows can be optimized and with the best possible potential for developing your business. Turn to us at NCC and you will gain a partner in strategic, value-creating logistics.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the logistics solutions of the future and to discuss your requirements.