Parking garages

Parking solutions that deliver – whatever the weather.

Developing parking garages is one of our fortes, and we’re acutely aware of how wheels can affect different surfaces. The type of wear and tear that occurs tends to change from season to season, but it’s usually at its heaviest during wintertime when anti-slip tire studs are at work. By choosing one of our tried and tested seal-coated surfaces, you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance of avoiding tarmac damage, which otherwise might lead to water and chemical ingress.

Aside from performance and the all-important durability, comfort and safety should be high on the agenda in any parking garage. We’ll help you develop a carefully considered lighting system while also ensuring that signage and markings are put in place, creating an easily maneuverable space, in which visitors will feel safe and secure. Many of our clients opt for speed bumps and surfaces in lighter shades, as this tends to aid comfort and safety for customers and employees alike.