Welcome to MyNCC – NCC’s new Intranet!

We have now launched our new intranet MyNCC! The new platform can be used on all devices; mobile, computer and tablet. Just go to myncc.group and login with your normal NCC password.

The goals for the new intranet are: efficiency, building culture, knowledge sharing and information.

Everyone who currently has access to Starnet will also have access to MyNCC on Wednesday. Our goal is to give construction workers access at a later stage. For Q&A and user guides please <-- internal link only -->.

The BETA launch went live a couple of weeks ago and during the BETA period 1.704 NCC employees took the opportunity to visit the new platform, <-- internal link only -->.

After the launch we will continue to work with new functions and new content will be added continuously. If you are missing any information, Starnet can be accessed until June. Please inform the content owners on each section about the information you are missing. Suggestions of improvements can be e-mailed to webmaster@ncc.se or visit our Yammer Group.