Updates to MyNCC

During the summer, our programmers continued to work on NCC’s intranet, MyNCC, and we have had two launches that contained new functionality.

Some of our additions:

  • Bookmarks — now you can save favorite pages through a bookmarking function (see the symbols just above the headline of this article).
  • Sharing — it's easy to share a page with a colleague.
  • Printing — a function we've added after numerous requests from Denmark.
  • An improved comment function.
  • A number of improvements to make our editors' work easier.

We are now working on a slideshow function and a news archive. Soon, you'll also be able to get news for your workplace right on your start page and we will improve how vacant jobs at NCC are visible.

With our new intranet MyNCC we have a stable and modern platform, we will continue to work on new functionalities and improvements. What we do and the order of priority in which we do it is governed by how we see the site being used and on the feedback we get from you, the users. We will be launching new functionality and improvements to MyNCC on a regular basis during the autumn. If you have viewpoints, questions or suggestions, please e-mail them to webmaster@ncc.se

At MyNCC, we have a new search engine, and we have worked over the summer on improving search results based on what you search for. The search engine is something we are continually working on, so if there's anything you can't find, please e-mail us at webmaster@ncc.se

Thank you!

Our sincerest thanks to all our editors and everyone working on updating and improving the content of our intranet!