Tragic fatal accident on a NCC Infrastructure project in Sweden

On Monday, July 23, a man died in connection with working on a project in Branäs, where division Infra has the main responsibility for the construction of a parking garage. The deceased performed assembly work for the parallel contractor Harmet’s subcontractor.

- It's extremely tragic that this happens and our thoughts go to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased. NCC now ensures that all our employees in the project get the necessary follow-up and we will do what we can to support the staff of Harmet and their subcontractor, says Henrik Löfgren, Division Manager, Infra.

In the project, Harmet is a parallel contractor engaged directly by the developer, which means that division Infra as main contractor has a coordinating responsibility for their work. NCC, who temporarily did not have the coordinating responsibility for the work environment during the holiday period, will do everything possible to support and assist Harmet.

NCC will give full support to the police and Arbetsmiljöverket in their investigation of the tragic accident.