Important week for health and safety!

Health and Safety Week 2018 included tightly executed rescue drills together with the rescue services, a rescue drill in a tower crane and a test of fall protection equipment. But there was also time for discussions about our attitudes to health and safety at work. In short, it was a week that put health and safety center stage.

NCC's third annual Health and Safety Week involved thousands of exercises, discussions, training sessions and other activities, all aimed at bringing us closer to our vision of zero accidents at work. There was an impressive level of engagement and NCC's Health and Safety Channel on Yammer was flooded with pictures and stories from workplaces across the Nordic region.

"It's great to see all the different activities that have been carried out and the huge commitment that exists within NCC. I hope everyone will take what they've learned over the week and apply it to their job, whether it's a large-scale rescue drill or a discussion about our attitudes to health and safety," says Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Head of Health and Safety.

This year's Pioneering Safety competition also drew to a close during the week and now the entries will be judged by our jury. The winning entry will be announced by September at the latest.