Health & Safety targets for 2018 in Stone Materials

The targets for the KPI:s in Division Stone Materials have been updated. During the spring the decision was made in the Stone Materials Management Group (SMM).

The targets that was decided for 2018 are:

  • LTIF: Bellow 3,5
  • LTI: 0-4
  • Severity rate: 0-5
  • Observations and near misses: 1000
  • Safety Walks: 144

Explanation of the chart
I. Connected to Sustainability framework "Safety" and to Strategy "People".

II. Lost Time Injury Frequency - work related accidents with one day or more absence from ordinary duties per one million worked hours (rolling 12 months).

III. Lost Time Injuries (rolling 12 months) = sick leave (no sub-contractors included).

IV. Severity rate = "number of lost days after accidents (rolling 12 months)" divided with "number of lost time accidents".

V. Observations and Near misses registered in Synergi. (Accumulated figures above.) All serious near misses shall be investigated and analyzed thoroughly.

VI. *Managers Safety Walk target is 6, common template on MyNCC. (DK 3, FI 4, NO 3, SE 13, Div 1)*6= 24*6=144. (Accumulated figures above).