CNN and BBC report on NCC and eRoadArlanda

International media attention around the inauguration of eRoadArlanda has been massive. CNBC, CNN, BBC, Fox News and a further 1,000 media outlets from around the world have reported on the project, in which NCC has a significant role.

"This international attention shows how unique the project is, and how far ahead Sweden is with this technology. We were right to also invite the media from other countries to the inauguration and to spread the news to the foreign press. It has been incredibly exciting to communicate the fact that NCC is part of Swedish innovation that is drawing this kind of attention," says Tove Stål, Press Manager for NCC in Sweden.

eRoadArlanda was inaugurated on Wednesday, April 11, on a public road by prominent figures including Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth. The electric road is a Swedish innovation and the first of its kind to allow both commercial and passenger vehicles to be recharged while driving. This sustainable and cost-effective solution will enable the electrification of existing public roads and a future with fossil-free road transport. NCC is part of the consortium behind eRoadArlanda, and Hans Säll – by day Head of Business Development at NCC – is the chairman of the consortium.

"The media primarily asks about the technology behind the electric road, and how we manage safety, operation and maintenance for a road like this one. Since one of the big issues of our time is how to create fossil fuel–free road transportation, they are naturally also interested in knowing how the plan looks, going forward. Here, the Swedish government – through the Swedish Transport Administration – has already said that they wish to procure a longer stretch of electric road, from 20 to 40 kilometers, in the next few years," says Hans Säll, Head of Business Development at NCC and chairman of eRoadArlanda.

At the time of writing, approximately three weeks after the inauguration, over 1,100 articles have been published in national and international media around the world. The articles and features have an estimated reach of 200 million readers, viewers, and listeners. The film published by the Guardian about the project has been viewed over 200,000 times, and traffic to peaked at 95,000 percent more visitors than in the days before the inauguration.