Climate protection of a new parking area in Denmark

NCC Industry has constructed a new climate-proof parking area for more than 100 parking lots next to a new Lidl supermarket in Hedensted in Jutland, Denmark. The smart solution handles both the rainwater from the roof of the supermarket and the parking area, independent of existing rainwater system.

The climate-proof parking area in Hedensted not only handles the rainfall that falls on the parking area, it also handles the rainwater from the roof of the building. It is therefore a total rainwater treatment that locally drains the rainwater and is therefore independent of the existing rainwater system.

"The smart thing about NCC´s solution is that the rainwater from the roof is led to the asphalt coating on the parking area instead of being led to a separate rainwater system as in traditional solutions. In this way the rainwater is from the roof is handled along with the rainwater that falls on the parking area, "says Michael Brask, climate expert and sales manager at NCC Industry, Stone Materials.

The parking area is constructed by NCC Industry and is based on NCC´s permeable asphalt construction "<-- internal link only -->which is an open asphalt where rainwater can penetrate. It ensures that the water quickly disappears from the parking area and then is stored in the road's support layer (NCC Drænstabil®), which has a very high drainage power. In this way, the water drains slowly into the ground, so the sewage system is not overloaded.

On the 23 August the Lidl grocery store opens the new super market in Hedensted and at the same time the climate-proof parking area with more than 100 parking lots will be in use.