Safe behavior is the focus of this year’s Awareness Day

This year’s Awareness Day will begin at 9 am on Wednesday, September 5. The purpose of Awareness Day is to focus on health and safety issues by reflecting on our behavior, making health and safety a natural part of our culture and helping to achieve our vision of zero accidents.

At 9 am on the first Wednesday in September each year, all the employees gather at their workplace, in production or at the office, to follow a joint agenda and focus area that is shared by the whole of NCC, in order to reflect, discuss and later follow up on the results of the day. This year’s Awareness Day involves activities on various themes. The theme/activity is determined by what the responsible manager believes will make a different to your team when it comes to health and safety behavior.

How, where, when?

Awareness Day is to be held at every NCC workplace at the same time on the same day. Regular work will be put on hold for a joint discussion on health and safety in the workplace. It is up to the responsible manager at your workplace to bring together all the employees for the meeting. Subcontractors, consultants and other employees on site on the day should be invited to take part in the debate. Developers/customers are also welcome to join in. Awareness Day always begins at 9 am.