NCC sets new digitalization record

No other company has deployed Bluebeam’s paperless technology so rapidly. That’s why the US company visited NCC’s head office in Solna yesterday to see how they did it.

“We want to know how you could get 1,600 users on board at NCC in only eight months. No other company has managed that before,” said Kristine Stene, Bluebeam's Marketing Manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Bluebeam's software manages drawings, photographs and other documents in PDF format. The software makes it easy to manage documents digitally rather than on paper. For example, it’s easy to calculate space, make lists of required materials and verify that changes in drawings have actually been implemented.

NCC’s rapid increase in use of the software is due to several factors, such as the detailed support page created on NCC’s intranet featuring content including short videos we made ourselves showing how to get started quickly.

“NCC was also quick to create templates and profiles for various types of needs at the company. The wide range of areas you have found to apply the software is also unique,” said Stene.

Bluebeam also paid a visit to the Järvastadens Skola project, where Site Manager Emil Tagesson explained how useful Bluebeam has been for the project. The interviews at NCC will become a case study that will be posted on Bluebeam’s website, company blog and social media.

The material will also be emailed to all of Bluebeam’s customers, both as text and video segments. The purpose is to provide other customers with guidance on how to deploy the software quickly and conveniently in their organizations.

“It’s been really great getting so many users on board in our operation in such a short time. The next step is to develop our work practices for external consultants and subcontractors as well,” said Ulf Larsson, Project Manager for business development at NCC and Chairman of the Board of BEAst, the organization for the Swedish Construction Industry’s Electronic Business Standard.