NCC secures electricity link with Denmark

NCC has been commissioned by Svenska Kraftnät to renew part of the Konti-Skan electricity link that comprises an important link for the supply of electricity in both Sweden and Denmark. The cable is expected to start electricity transmission in September 2016.

“We are proud and pleased to have been entrusted by Svenska Kraftnät with responsibility for a turnkey solution for the replacement of the cable. The assignment includes the delivery of the cable, logistics planning and excavation and laying of four kilometers of subsea cable and five kilometers of land cable between Torred and Risö in Halland, Sweden. We have valuable experience from previous, similar assignments, including the SydVästlänken, where we were commissioned by the cable supplier to install 200 kilometers of cable and given other assignments to lay cable in the countries around the Baltic Sea,” says Mats Hylén, Production Manager at Infra Services East.

The cable is part of the Konti-Skan 1 and 2 DC links between Lindome in Sweden and Jutland in Denmark. In recent years, several major faults have arisen with the electrode cable and it is being replaced to meet societal requirements for a secure electricity supply. In conjunction with replacing the cable, a new protection system will be installed that disconnects the cable in the event of a fault.

Installation on land entails excavation in sensitive natural areas by the sea with the help of controlled drilling to minimize the impact. The cable is being installed in protective pipes filled with bentonite to ensure efficient thermal dissipation. The subsea cable is lowered and, in shallower water, buried under the seabed.