Crusher moved 2400 km from Finland to Norway

A growing market for stone materials in Trøndelag created a need for NCC to increase production capacity at Gjølme quarry in Orkanger. When it was discovered that NCC Finland had a crusher that was no longer being used, it was disassembled and shipped the 2400 km to Trøndelag in Norway.

Now the recycling project has been completed and NCC’s new crusher at Gjølme quarry is up and running. With a capacity of 200 000 tonnes per year, the new crusher will cover the increased market demand for stone materials that NCC is experiencing in the district.

“There is strong demand from the market here in Orkanger, so the new crusher brings a welcome boost to capacity. NCC’s own companies and suppliers, as well as local contractors and players in the concrete market in the district, will benefit from the increased capacity here at Gjølme quarry,” says Christian Loiro, department manager at NCC.

Four days by boat from Helsinki to Orkanger

The Finnish quarry, which had a production capacity of 800,000 tonnes per year, was downscaled to a production capacity of 200,000 tonnes per year, with the difference being enough to cover the demand in Orkanger at this time. The extensive reassembly work began in January and it took until last week for the unit to begin production. There will now be a running in period, before the unit can reach optimum production capacity.

Tapani Nikkilä from NCC in Finland also came over to Norway to help with the assembly and calibration work in Orkanger, in addition to helping to quickly and efficiently rectify any running in problems that might arise. Nikkilä has been based in Orkanger since February and will remain there until March.

“We’ve managed to maintain good production and good sales, despite all the time and effort that has gone into planning, moving, assembling and calibrating the new crusher. I’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers, who have been so patient over this slightly chaotic period,” says Loiro.