Construction company with gender-equal ambitions

Today is International Women’s Day and although NCC and many other companies in the construction industry have a long way to go until the industry is gender-equal, progress is being made. If the company’s shareholders approve a motion to be presented to the Annual General Meeting in early April, NCC will become the first construction company among the stock market’s large cap companies with a majority of female Board members. According to statistics from the Swedish Construction Federation, NCC is also one of the only companies in the construction industry with a higher percentage of female managers than the industry average.

NCC’s Nomination Committee will propose a Board of Directors comprising four women and three men at the Annual General Meeting in early April. If the motion is approved, NCC will become the first construction company among the stock market’s large cap companies with a majority of female Board members. Among the large cap companies on the stock exchange, women account for an average of 36 percent of Board members.

The construction industry has been dominated by men for a long time, and it still is. However, NCC is one of the industry’s more gender-equal companies. At NCC Sweden, the number of female managers is 18 percent while the figure for the industry is 10 percent. While men account for 88 percent of the total number of employees at NCC, this is still better than the industry average.

“If we look at Sweden’s labor market as a whole, the construction industry is still lagging behind but we are working diligently on various initiatives to attract more women to our sector,” says Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability at NCC.

At the same time, the construction industry is crying out for skilled and qualified labor. NCC’s Diversity Policy, which was adopted in 2016, is based on the conviction that diversity increases job satisfaction and leads to better solutions and business.

“Like the rest of the construction industry, we need to be better at encouraging women to join the construction industry. We want to lower unnecessary thresholds and create better workplace conditions. We also need to broaden our recruitment base in order to meet future competence requirements,” says Christina Lindbäck.

To be able to reach out to more women and create gender-equal work environments, NCC has launched several initiatives, such as a site manager program for women and the Stella women’s network.  NCC is also involved in the Introduce a Girl to Engineering (IGE Day) initiative, which gives young girls the opportunity to visit NCC worksites to learn more about working as an engineer, and the PEPP women’s mentoring program, which encourages girls in upper-secondary school to study engineering.

Christina Lindbäck, Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility, NCC Group. Photo/illustration: Sten Jansin
Christina Lindbäck

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability, NCC Group