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Change of company names, invoicing addresses and VAT numbers

What will be the biggest change for me as a supplier?

The change of company names is merely a formality – only the corporate registration number has any legal effect. However, the company names must be updated in your systems as of May 1. It is also important that you use the new invoicing addresses as of the same date. If you are currently a supplier to NCC Construction Sverige AB or NCC AB, you will also need to update their VAT numbers (VAT):

NCC AB: SE556034517401
NCC Sverige AB (formerly NCC Construction Sverige AB): SE556613492901

What is the main reason for renaming the companies?

Changing the legal names of the companies is a formal consequence of NCC's new organizational structure.

Do the new names also entail new corporate registration numbers?

No, only the company names will be changed. The existing corporate registration numbers will be retained.

Why is NCC changing the invoicing addresses?

The change is only for practical reasons due to the fact that invoice processing for Sweden, Norway and Denmark has been moved to new premises in another location. We are therefore taking this opportunity to change invoicing addresses in conjunction with the renaming of the companies on May 1. (Finland will retain its current invoicing address.)

Company name
FE 610
SE- 838 75 Frösön

NCCs firmanavn
FE 650
SE-838 75 Frösön

NCCs firmanavn
FE 680
SE-838 75 Frösön

NCC:n Yritysnimi
PL 524

Why will the VAT number for NCC Construction Sverige AB be changed when the company's name is changed to NCC Sverige AB?

Previously, NCC AB and NCC Construction Sverige AB where included in the same VAT group, but on May 1, 2016, the VAT group will be deregistered and the respective companies will receive new, separate VAT numbers. NCC Sverige AB will be changed to SE556613492901 and NCC AB will be changed to SE556034517401.

When is the deadline for changing to the correct company name, invoicing address and VAT number on our invoices to NCC?

The company name, invoice address and VAT number must be changed as of May 1, 2016. As a supplier, you are responsible for updating this information. Incorrect invoices may need to be returned.

Do the changes also apply to ongoing projects?

Yes, all invoices sent after May 1 must contain the correct information.

Do I need to do anything with the invoices I have already sent for payment?

No, the change will take effect from May 1, 2016.

Who bears the cost of any delay that may arise when invoices are returned to us with a request to change the invoicing details?

As a supplier, it is your responsibility to update the information in your systems, but we see no reason why the processing of your invoices should be delayed. Our aim is to ensure that business continues as usual.